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The Somusar/SoProTech[tm] Booklet Series
Volume II

"somusar/SoProTech: A Sample Project"

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1. Introduction
2. Sample Project Entities
2.1 Project Entities
2.2 Library Entities
3. Sample Project Mold Kit
4. Project Conventions
5. Exercise 1: Adding Field currency to Entity country
6. Exercise 2: Adding Entity "company.ef"
7. Exercise 3: Changing all SQL Scripts and all HTML Forms
8. Further Reading
Appendix A - Project Entity Files
Appendix B - Library Entities

Chapter 2 - Sample Project Entities

The sample project consists of a small number of entities, in the simplified business context of a generic company, running projects for their customers; the company employees are assigned to departments, and grouped in project teams, lead by a project manager. A simple diagram of the sample project entities and relationships is shown in the following illustration.

Figure 1 - Sample project entity/relationships diagram
Figure 1 - Sample project entity/relationships diagram

The next paragraphs describe the project and library entities of the sample project. Project entities are entity files private to one software development project, as opposed to library entities, which are entity files possibly shared across two or more projects.

The contents of the entity files are listed at the end of this document.

2.1 - Project Entities        top

The following table shortly describes the eight project entities of the sample project. Later in the document, in one of the exercises, a ninth entity (namely, company) will be added to the project. The entities are divided in four logical packages, corresponding to subdirectories under the "project" directory. The logical packages are the following:

  1. Location, to manage entities related to geographical data such as addresses and similar;

  2. Persons, to handle personal data;

  3. Company, containing entities related to the structure of an enterprise;

  4. Business, with entities related to the activity of an enterprise.

Table 1 - Project entities of the sample project

Entity Location under directory "project" Description
customer ./business/ A company/organization, its address, and a contact person
project ./business/ A project within a company, some information about it, a project manager, the involved personnel, a project plan and budget
department ./company/ A department within a company
employee ./company/ An employee, some related information, and the department s/he works in
address ./location/ Address of an organization
country ./location/ A national country
person ./persons/ Commercial information about a person, basically name and how to reach him/her
person_info ./persons/ Private information, to be kept distinct from employee info

2.2 - Library Entities        top

The next table describes the two library entities of the sample project. The library entity files reside directly under the "library" directory, which thus does not contain any logical package.

Table 2 - Library entities of the sample project

Entity Location under directory "library" Description
image ./ A photo, an illustration, or a picture
strings ./ Various types of strings, standardized across the project

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