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Please note: this document is currently under revision.
The information herein contained, while still valid, does not reflect the latest state of the described technology.
The Somusar/SoProTech[tm] Booklet Series
Volume III

"somusar/Sisendel: A Tutorial Introduction"

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1. Introduction
2. Sisendel Software Entities
3. Sisendel Basic Types
4. Sisendel User Types
5. Contents of an Entity File
6. Section CORE
7. Section DEFS
8. Section DB
9. Section LOGIC
10. Section UI
10.1 Applying an HTML GUI mold
11. Implicit Section DOC
12. Section ADJUST
13. Further Reading

Chapter 10 - Section UI

The usage interface section of entity files is subject to the same straightforward rule previously discussed for sections DB and LOGIC: it may only contain any number of field collections. Typical collections for section UI include graphical user interfaces for human users, complete with grid layout directives - as shown below -, and packetized contents descriptors for automatic interapplication communication and for data or service access.

10.1 - Applying an HTML GUI mold        top

The sample mold for section UI produces an HTML file containing a GUI form to edit or view data fields of the entity processed by the Sisendel translator. The next illustration shows the HTML form for sample entity employee, derived from collection employee.UI.full_view. An overlay grid shows the layout correspondence between the textual description contained in the entity file and the generated HTML form.

It should be noted that fields a and b of entity employee are embedded entities of type person and person_info respectively, and thus employee.UI.full_view appropriately embeds person.UI.full_view (marked by "a" in the grid) and person_info.UI.full_view (marked by "b" in the grid).

Figure 3 - From employee.UI.full_view to "employee.html"
Figure 3 - From <tt>employee.UI.full_view</tt> to <tt>"employee.html"</tt>

The result of processing collection employee.UI.compact_view is illustrated below, within the full_view of entity project. The latter entity uses a list of employees in its full_view and therefore - by sample project convention - embeds three instances of employee.UI.compact_view at the bottom of its HTML form.

Figure 4 - employee.UI.compact_view within "project.html"
Figure 4 - <tt>employee.UI.compact_view</tt> within <tt>"project.html"</tt>

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