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The Somusar/Software Production Machine[tm] is a compact software generation engine providing a solid foundation for specialized code and documentation generators (see overview).

SoProMach-based Generators

Several custom generators are available for different purposes, IDEs, and target platforms. A few examples:

Our custom generators are delivered as a service.

See extended list of SoProMach-based generators.

SoProMach Models

Evaluate SoProMach for free downloading the free Community edition and the proof-of-concept generators

The software generation engine Somusar/Software Production Machine[tm] is available in three models:

  1. SoProMach[tm] Community: Free download
    for small projects with up to 15 software entities.

  2. SoProMach[tm] Workgroup:
    for departmental projects with up to 50 software entities.

  3. SoProMach[tm] Enterprise:
    for enterprise projects with up to 500 software entities.

Larger models of SoProMach can be built on request. Further information on this topic are provided via our contact page www.somusar.com/contact.

Platform Availability

All Somusar's products are currently available for the following platforms:

  • Linux® 2.4 (or higher) on x86;

  • Mac OS® X 10.2 (or higher) on PowerPC®;

  • Windows® 2000/XP on x86.

Additional information

  • Squarkix
    Arcade game for iOS

  • The Harpsichord Riddle for iPhone/iPod Touch
    First Somusar app for iPhone/iPod Touch

  • Mobile snacks/S60
    FREE mobile snacks for S60 (Series 60) smartphones.

  • The Harpsichord Riddle/S60
    First Somusar adventure game for S60 smartphones, produced with a Somusar generator.

  • Siren Light/S60
    Turn your S60 smartphone into a multicolor flasher, with tones and tunes, and emoticons.

  • SoProMach Community Edition
    Free download of SoProMach Community Edition and sample generators.

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