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Archived news about Somusar

Extracting SQL Server metadata with SoProMach.
Extracting Oracle metadata with SoProMach.
[Press release] Announcing SoProMach Community Edition (English, Italiano)
Free Community Edition of the new SoProMach, including all POC generators.
A programmer's introduction to the new Tefigel. One page, ten steps, real code.
Renovated code gallery displays the full set of proof-of-concept generators.
New features in Tefigel version 099.
Extending Visual Basic Express 2005 Beta 1 with a Somusar generator
Extending Eclipse with a Somusar generator
New Java/JSP DAO Struts generator, based on Keld H. Hansen's tutorial
Updated PHP/HTML generator, described in a CGN article
First public demo of J2EE generator presented at Java Conference.
New XML to Java generator, based on Giuseppe Naccarato's article
Refactored VisualBasic.NET generator, exploiting Tefigel's new features.
New version of SoProMach released.
Updated Somusar/Tefigel[tm]: Reference Guide and Somusar/SoProMach[tm]: User's Guide .
Updated booklet Somusar/Software Production Technique[tm]: A Sample Project featuring 11 entity files.
New VisualBasic.NET generator, based on Kathleen Dollard's work
Two new 4-slide presentations: SoProMach quick intro and Code Generator Building service overview.
ONJava.com article on multitier J2EE generator.
New sample C and HTML API generator.
Added SQL schema generator to sample multitier J2EE generator.
Round-trip XML reader and writer added to the set of POCs.
A whole bunch of new POC samples.
First version of new POC sample multitier J2EE generator.
First draft of Code Generation Somusar Style . New .NET and PHP sample generator POCs.
Interview on CGN about the SoProMach generation system.
Updated Somusar/SoProMach[tm]: User's Guide and Somusar/Tefigel[tm]: Reference Guide .
Updated Somusar/Sisendel[tm]: Reference Guide with new simplified syntax.
15dec03 New tjpp macro to generate Java Exception classes.
8dec03 New article on DevX on tjpp Java generator.
24nov03 New Gallery subsection "html/web_form" shows Somusar's internal format to generate web forms in HTML.
13nov03 Added sample files (model and generated outputs) from a PHP/HTML generator to the Code Gallery.
3nov03 New bare bones 3-tier generator for SQL, Java, HTML added to Code Gallery.
23oct03 Added sample HTML documentation generator to the Code Samples Gallery.
16oct03 New section xml/Shakespeare in the Code Samples Gallery.
10oct03 Opened up first section of Code Samples Gallery
1oct03 Tjpp article published on Code Generation Network
24sep03 Release of Somusar/tjpp[tm]: new product, booklet, and demo
17sep03 Revision 1 of "SoProMach: User's Guide" and "Tefigel: Reference Guide"
2sep03 Tefigel upgrade available in trial package, several new built-in functions
20aug03 SoProMach article published on Code Generation Network
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