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SoProMach version 31jan05 - Release Notes

  1  Introducing Tefigel ".tfg" files
  2  XML CDATA Sections
  3  Improved Sisendel to Tefigel communication
  4  Bug fixes

A new version of SoProMach is now available. The Community Edition package has accordingly been updated and can be freely downloaded.

1 - Introducing Tefigel ".tfg" files

The new SoProMach now recognizes files with the extension ".tfg" as Tefigel scripts. This new feature allows to better distinguish between Tefigel templates and scripts. A ".tfg" file is implicitly assumed to contain Tefigel statements.

The ".tfg" extension may be omitted in references to external files from within Tefigel scripts and templates: the language processor will automatically add the extension when appropriate.

Note that the distinction bewteen scripts and templates is purposely blurry by design: a template may contain scripting code in one or more Tefigel sections, such as

   @ tefigel
   <scripting code, i.e. generation logic>
   @ endtefigel
and a script may contain template blocks in one or more text sections, such as
   @ text
   <template block>
   @ endtext

Additional details can be found in updated booklets Somusar/Tefigel[tm]: Reference Guide and Somusar/SoProMach[tm]: User's Guide .

2 - XML CDATA Sections

Tefigel's built-in function tag_file_process now automatically calls an optional user-defined script tag_cdata on encountering XML CDATA sections, providing the CDATA contents by means of variable TAG_CDATA_TEXT.

3 - Improved Sisendel to Tefigel communication

The internal communication between SoProMach components Sisendel and Tefigel has been improved. This has no impact on the languages processed by the two components.

4 - Bug fixes

A text formatting bug of built-in function format that would occasionally show up has been fixed.

Written on 2 February 2005
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