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Enjoy Squarkix, a new arcade game for iOS®.
An adventure by Somusar for iPhone/iPod Touch: "The Harpsichord Riddle".
Latest mobile snacks now available for smartphones S60 3rd Edition.
New mobile snacks: Venice, 18th Century; The Devil's Foot; Dogs.
Musical mobile snack for S60: "W.A. Mozart - Sonatas for Piano".
New mobile snacks for S60: "Sherlock Holmes - The Red-Headed League" and "Sistine Chapel Ceiling".
First mobile snack for S60 from Somusar: "Lions".
New All About Symbian feature: "Script to App, the Somusar way"
New SymbianOne feature: "Somusar: Instant S60 development"
Reusing generators: new S60 "Siren Light" produced as its predecessor H Riddle.
SoProMach and "The Harpsichord Riddle" featured in the Symbian ecosystem press.
First S60 game by Somusar: "The Harpsichord Riddle".
Metadata extraction with SoProMach: two new Flash demos.
Somusar and SoProMach gain interest in the Symbian ecosystem.
Four new Flash demos showing SoProMach in action.
Automated serial production of mobile games with SoProMach.
[Press release] Somusar joins Symbian Affiliate Partner Program (English, Italiano)
Generate Series 60 Java apps with SoProMach.
Generate Series 60 C++ apps with SoProMach.
Extracting Office 2003 XSD metadata with SoProMach.
New SoProMach version: release notes

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