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MILAN, ITALY, November 26, 2004 - SO.MUS.AR. s.a.s. (Somusar) today announced immediate, free availability of Somusar/SoProMach(TM), Community Edition. This fully functional edition of the Somusar/Software Production Machine(TM) allows individual software developers and software development teams to abstract and automate repetitive parts of their development activity, improving their productivity as well as quality and maintainability of the resulting software artifacts.

The Community Edition package includes a set of freely available proof-of-concept generators, producing software in, among others, the Java(TM), C#, Visual Basic(R), SQL, PHP, XML and HTML languages. The tool can be used directly in command-line mode, or integrated in IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) for different platforms, such as Eclipse 3 and Microsoft Visual Basic Express 2005 Beta.

Other users that can benefit from Somusar/SoProMach are database designers, web site masters, system engineers defining system configurations, and technical writers producing technical documentation.

Pricing and Availability

Windows, Linux and Mac OS X versions of Somusar/SoProMach Community Edition are available now free of charge for perpetual use from the Somusar website at http://www.somusar.com/products/community_ed.

About Somusar

SO.MUS.AR. s.a.s., a privately held microenterprise, develops, markets and supports custom software generators and related services. Somusar is based in Milan, Italy. For more information on Somusar visit www.somusar.com.

Somusar and Somusar/SoProMach are trademarks of SO.MUS.AR. s.a.s. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

For additional information please contact press@somusar.com

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