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The Somusar/SoProTech[tm] Booklet Series
Volume IX

"Code Generation Somusar Style"

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1. Introduction
2. Reproducing a POC on Your Computer
3. J2EE Generator
4. .NET Generator
5. PHP Generator
6. Java (J2SE) Generator
7. Bare Bones Multitier Generator
8. XML Processor
9. XML Generator
10. API Generator Producing C and HTML
11. VisualBasic.NET Generator Draft
12. VisualBasic.NET Generator
13. XML to Java Generator
14. PHP/HTML Generator
15. Java and JSP DAO Struts Generator
16. Further Reading

Chapter 2 - Reproducing a POC on Your Computer

You can download SoProMach and all POC trial packages for free. The SoProMach and proof-of-concept (POC) trial packages are available in tar/gzip format. Each POC contains the textual input and scripts required to regenerate the POC target code. Compressed POC packages can be uncompressed with all most common uncompress and unzip utilities.

Each POC can be reproduced through three standard steps after unpacking, and no environment setting is required to run the POC scripts. There is one script associated with each step:

  1. Prepare: remove output from previous generator runs;
    u1_prepare [Linux® and Mac OS® X]
    w1_prepare.bat [Windows®]

  2. Generate: run the POC generator;
    u2_generate [Linux and Mac OS X]
    w2_generate.bat [Windows]

  3. Show results: remove temporary files and list names of generated files;
    u3_results [Linux and Mac OS X]
    w3_results.bat [Windows].

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