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The Somusar/SoProTech[tm] Booklet Series
Volume IX

"Code Generation Somusar Style"

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1. Introduction
2. Reproducing a POC on Your Computer
3. J2EE Generator
4. .NET Generator
5. PHP Generator
6. Java (J2SE) Generator
7. Bare Bones Multitier Generator
7.1 Proof-of-concept (POC) Information
7.2 Description
7.3 SQL Generator
7.4 Java Generator
7.5 HTML Generator
8. XML Processor
9. XML Generator
10. API Generator Producing C and HTML
11. VisualBasic.NET Generator Draft
12. VisualBasic.NET Generator
13. XML to Java Generator
14. PHP/HTML Generator
15. Java and JSP DAO Struts Generator
16. Further Reading

Chapter 7 - Bare Bones Multitier Generator

7.1 - Proof-of-concept (POC) Information        top

  • Download the free Community Edition to test this generator, or send us an email for any question on this POC.
    [POC codename of this generator: bb_multitier]

  • Original source code model taken from an internal POC.

  • Level of complexity: low.

  • Generated with the following SoProMach (what is SoProMach?):

  •     sisendel[tm]: version 071/community - 31Jan05
        tefigel[tm]: version 104/community - 31Jan05

7.2 - Description        top

This POC provides a concise example of use of Sisendel on a simple model containing three software entities. The model is derived from an example contained in book "Code Generation in Action", written by Jack Herrington. The generator produces three files for each entity: one SQL script, one Java class, and one HTML form.

Purpose of the POC is to allow trial users to examine the structure of some simple software molds and verify the effect produced by simple changes applied to either the software entities or the software molds.

All output files are generated from the input model files listed in the following table.

Table 17 - Input Design Files

File name Source code
project/author.ef View
project/book.ef View
project/publisher.ef View

7.3 - SQL Generator        top

Table 18 - SQL Generator: Generated Files

File name Source code
project/DB/author.sql View
project/DB/book.sql View
project/DB/publisher.sql View

7.4 - Java Generator        top

Table 19 - Java Generator: Generated Files

File name Source code
project/LOGIC/Author.java View
project/LOGIC/Book.java View
project/LOGIC/Publisher.java View

7.5 - HTML Generator        top

Table 20 - HTML Generator: Generated Files

File name Source code
project/UI/author.html View
project/UI/book.html View
project/UI/publisher.html View

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