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The Somusar/SoProTech[tm] Booklet Series
Volume IX

"Code Generation Somusar Style"

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1. Introduction
2. Reproducing a POC on Your Computer
3. J2EE Generator
4. .NET Generator
5. PHP Generator
6. Java (J2SE) Generator
7. Bare Bones Multitier Generator
8. XML Processor
8.1 Proof-of-concept (POC) Information
8.2 Description
8.3 Tefigel Generator
9. XML Generator
10. API Generator Producing C and HTML
11. VisualBasic.NET Generator Draft
12. VisualBasic.NET Generator
13. XML to Java Generator
14. PHP/HTML Generator
15. Java and JSP DAO Struts Generator
16. Further Reading

Chapter 8 - XML Processor

8.1 - Proof-of-concept (POC) Information        top

  • Download the free Community Edition to test this generator, or send us an email for any question on this POC.
    [POC codename of this generator: xml_in]

  • Original source code model taken from an internal POC.

  • Level of complexity: low.

  • Generated with the following SoProMach (what is SoProMach?):

  •     tefigel[tm]: version 104/community - 31Jan05

8.2 - Description        top

This POC processes an XML file containing a fragment of Shakespeare's "The Two Gentlemen of Verona" and generates a Tefigel script. The POC in the next paragraph applies the same process in the opposite order: it generates exactly the same XML file (input in this POC) starting from exactly the same Tefigel script that is output in this POC.

The purpose of these two dual POCs is manifold:

  • Demonstrate applicability of Tefigel as a concise means to produce XML descriptions of business processes (a theater play can be considered a business process description for an actor or a director);

  • Demonstrate round-trip XML processing with Tefigel;

  • Demonstrate applicability of Tefigel as a documentation generator in a context different from that of software development in a strict sense.

Specific purpose of this POC is moreover to allow trial users to evaluate the XML processing capabilities of Tefigel.

8.3 - Tefigel Generator        top


Fragment from "The Two Gentlemen of Verona".
Text placed in the public domain by Moby Lexical Tools, 1992.
SGML markup by Jon Bosak, 1992-1994.
XML version by Jon Bosak, 1996-1998.


Table 21 - Tefigel Generator: Generated Files

File name Source code
two_gent-frag.tefigel View

Table 22 - Tefigel Generator: Input Design Files

File name Source code
two_gent-frag.xml View

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