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Please note: this document is currently under revision.
The information herein contained, while still valid, does not reflect the latest state of the described technology.
The Somusar/SoProTech[tm] Booklet Series
Volume I

"somusar/SoProTech: An Introduction"

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1. Introduction
2. Overview of SoProTech[tm]
3. Software Production Using SoProTech[tm]
4. Software System Layers and Pillars
5. Multifacet Software Entities
6. Software Molds
7. Generatable Files
8. The Somusar/File Generation Scheme[tm]
9. The Somusar Languages and Language Processors
10. Structure of a SoProTech Project
11. Further Reading

Chapter 1 - Introduction

The Somusar/Software Production Technique[tm] is a new, highly efficient, cost-effective technique to produce software source code, featuring an unprecedented flexibility and a broad range of applicability in the field of multilayer - or multifacet - software development.

The reference industrial model for the Somusar/Software Production Technique[tm] has been the process of automated precision molding of physical objects, that allows to produce virtually any type of object with a high degree of quality and efficiency. In a similar way, the Somusar/Software Production Technique[tm] enables the high-speed, high-quality production of virtually any type of source code file for practically any kind of software development projects.

This document provides an overview of the Somusar/Software Production Technique[tm] - in short, SoProTech[tm]. After a short description of the benefits of the technique, followed by a concise presentation of the underlying software perspective, the document introduces the following concepts:

  • Multifacet Somusar/Software Entities[tm];

  • Somusar/Software Molds[tm];

  • Generatable files;

  • The Somusar/File Generation Scheme[tm];

  • Somusar languages and language processors: Somusar/Sisendel[tm] and Somusar/Tefigel[tm], collectively referred to as the Somusar/Software Production Machine[tm].

Finally, a short discussion on projects involving the SoProTech, and on the applicability of the SoProTech within the broader scope of software development projects concludes the document.

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