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The Somusar/SoProTech[tm] Booklet Series
Volume V

"somusar/Sisendel: Reference Guide"

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1. Introduction
2. Entity Files
3. Comment Lines
4. Section CORE
5. Entity Identifier
5.1 Purpose
5.2 Usage
5.3 Description
6. Field List
7. Basic Types
8. User Types
9. Section DEFS
10. Section DB
11. Section LOGIC
12. Section UI
13. Section ADJUST
14. Further Reading

Chapter 5 - Entity Identifier

5.1 - Purpose        top

Provide an identification block for a Software Entity, including an identifier, a description label, and an optional description comment.

5.2 - Usage        top

An <entity-id> is defined as follows:

   <identifier> <label>

5.3 - Description        top

An <identifier> in Sisendel consists of a string of characters containing lower-case letters, decimal digits, and underscores _. The first character of an identifier must be a lower-case character.

A <label> in Sisendel is a string of characters enclosed between double quotes ". Labels may contain any character, including white spaces (blank and tab), except double quotes.

The optional <entity-comment> is a comment possibly containing a textual description of the main features of the Software Entity, such as purpose, function, etc.


Conversion of Sisendel lower-case identifiers to upper-case or mixed-case identifiers, traditionally considered more appropriate for most computer languages, depends on the computer language of the software files that constitute the target of the Somusar/Software Production Technique[tm]; therefore, such conversion is submitted by Sisendel to the molding stage of the SoProTech[tm].


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