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The Somusar/SoProTech[tm] Booklet Series
Volume V

"somusar/Sisendel: Reference Guide"

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1. Introduction
2. Entity Files
3. Comment Lines
4. Section CORE
5. Entity Identifier
6. Field List
7. Basic Types
8. User Types
8.1 Purpose
8.2 Usage
8.3 Description
9. Section DEFS
10. Section DB
11. Section LOGIC
12. Section UI
13. Section ADJUST
14. Further Reading

Chapter 8 - User Types

8.1 - Purpose        top

Provide a mechanism to:

  • Build new, more complex user types based on pre-existent, reusable Software Entities;

  • Define relationships, either simple or multiple, between Software Entities.

8.2 - Usage        top

A <user-type> in a <field-definition> is syntactically defined according to one of the three rules stated below. To embed the structure of another Software Entity:

To define a simple (one-to-one) relationship with another Software Entity:
   link <entity-reference>
To define a multiple (one-to-many) relationship with another Software Entity:
   list <entity-reference>

8.3 - Description        top

The syntactic mechanism provided by Sisendel to create different types of logical connections between Software Entities does not impose any particular predefined semantic constraint on the type of connection applicable by the software production target of the SoProTech[tm]. Actual mapping of Software Entity connections onto connections in the target software language, or languages, significantly depends on the target software language, and is for this reason submitted by Sisendel to the molding stage of the SoProTech.

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