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The Somusar/SoProTech[tm] Booklet Series
Volume VI

"somusar/Tefigel: Reference Guide"

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1. Introduction
2. File Sections
3. Commands and Instructions
4. Markers
6. Special Characters
7. Variables
8. Arithmetic Computation
9. Boolean Computation
10. Control Flow
11. Subroutines and Functions
12. Built-in Functions
13. Input and Output
13.1 Purpose
13.2 Usage
13.3 Description
14. Packages and Libraries
15. Tag File Processing
16. CSV File Processing
17. Filters
18. Links and Traps
19. Name Spaces
20. Miscellaneous
21. Further Reading

Chapter 13 - Input and Output

13.1 - Purpose        top

Manage input files, that provide text and commands for Tefigel, and output files, where the result of Tefigel's processing is stored.

13.2 - Usage        top

Change the source of input text and commands: the same instructions used to divide a complex file generation task into a set of more manageable, smaller tasks - namely process, process_if_readable, and call, described in the previous chapter - can also be used to perform this function, as Tefigel allows text and commands to be freely intermixed in any text file.

Attach, without any processing, the contents of a file to the current output file:

   attach <file-reference>
Write output to a file, creating it if it does not exist, or overwriting it if it already exists:
   output <file-reference>
Write output to a file, creating it if it does not exist, or extending it from its current end if it already exists:
   append <file-reference>
Write a line of text to the current output file:
   echo text
Write a line of text to the current diagnostic file (standard error):
   msg text

13.3 - Description        top

The distinction between file processing and subroutine or function calling in Tefigel is purely theoretical; in practice, calling a subroutine or a function implies the processing of the file that implements the called subroutine or function.

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