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The Somusar/SoProTech[tm] Booklet Series
Volume VI

"somusar/Tefigel: Reference Guide"

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1. Introduction
2. File Sections
3. Commands and Instructions
4. Markers
6. Special Characters
7. Variables
8. Arithmetic Computation
9. Boolean Computation
10. Control Flow
11. Subroutines and Functions
12. Built-in Functions
13. Input and Output
14. Packages and Libraries
15. Tag File Processing
16. CSV File Processing
17. Filters
18. Links and Traps
19. Name Spaces
19.1 Purpose
19.2 Usage
19.3 Description
20. Miscellaneous
21. Further Reading

Chapter 19 - Name Spaces

19.1 - Purpose        top

Create nested scopes of variables, to enable saving and restoring of values stored in variables.

19.2 - Usage        top

Save contents of all non-global variables:

Restore contents of all non-global variables:

19.3 - Description        top

All variables defined using a set instruction are kept in name spaces which are saved and restored either explicitly on issuing of push and pop instructions, or implicitly on call's to function and subroutines.

All variables defined using a globset are kept in a global name space which is unaffected by instructions push, pop and call.

Instruction process does not affect name spaces.

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