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The Somusar/SoProTech[tm] Booklet Series
Volume VII

"somusar/SoProMach: User's Guide"

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1. Introduction
2. Package Contents
3. Installing SoProMach
3.1 Unpacking
3.2 Configuring SoProMach
4. Verifying the Installation
5. Generating software with SoProMach
6. SoProMach Models
7. Sisendel Messages
8. Tefigel Messages
9. Contacting Somusar
10. Further Reading

Chapter 3 - Installing SoProMach

3.1 - Unpacking        top

The SoProMach tgz file can be unpacked by means of utilities such as Winzip® or gunzip and gtar, available for practically all platforms (see http://www.gzip.org).

The installation of SoProMach does not require administrator (or root) privileges; however, a centralized installation may require such privileges in order to share the SoProMach package and the related environment variables.

The suggested unpack sequence is the following:

  1. Create a "somusar" directory (or folder) to host SoProMach; a suggested location is "/opt/somusar/bin" on Linux® and Mac OS® X, or "C:\opt\somusar\bin" on Windows® systems;

  2. Expand the contents of the tgz file under the "somusar/bin" directory.

3.2 - Configuring SoProMach        top

The following table describes the environment variables for SoProMach, specifying the user level that they have been designed for.

Table 1 - SoProMach environment variables

Variable Description User level
SOMUSAR Package installation directory System-wide SoProMach users
PATH Executable search path All system-wide SoProMach users
SISENDEL_MOLDS Mold kit to be applied by SoProMach Project group(s)
SISENDEL_TOOLKIT Set of Tefigel scripts used by one or more mold kits Project group(s)
SISENDEL_LIBRARY Set of reusable entities shared among two or more project groups Project group(s)
SISENDEL_PROJECT Set of entities that constitute a SoProTech project Project group

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