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The Somusar/SoProTech[tm] Booklet Series
Volume VII

"somusar/SoProMach: User's Guide"

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1. Introduction
2. Package Contents
3. Installing SoProMach
4. Verifying the Installation
5. Generating software with SoProMach
6. SoProMach Models
7. Sisendel Messages
8. Tefigel Messages
9. Contacting Somusar
9.1 Requesting Support
10. Further Reading

Chapter 9 - Contacting Somusar

To request any type of information concerning the SoProTech[tm] or the SoProMach[tm], please fill in the appropriate form at http://www.somusar.com/contact specifying, beside your question or questions, the requested contact data.

9.1 - Requesting Support        top

To request support for any problem concerning SoProMach, fill in form http://www.somusar.com/contact/problem_report, specifying, among other contact data, the following information:

  • Email address of the Somusar licensee;

  • Company or organization of the licensee;

  • Type of problem;

  • A short description of the problem.

Submitted support requests are immediately sent to the Somusar support service, and after validation of a support request a confirmation email is sent to the address of the Somusar licensee.

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