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Multilanguage applicability of SoProTech

This presentation provides examples of source code fragments generated by means of the Tefigel language processor. The fragments are written in different language classes:
  • Object-oriented languages (Java[tm], C++, C#);

  • Procedural languages (C, Visual Basic®, COBOL, RPG);

  • Internet languages and protocols (HTML, XML, SOAP, PHP);

  • Scripting or special-purpose languages (SQL, Perl, Python, REXX, LaTeX).

Tefigel is the language of the Somusar/Software Molds[tm]: thus, this presentation illustrates how the flexible syntax of Tefigel ensures the applicability of the SoProTech[tm] in a wide variety of software development projects, involving disparate source languages in different types of software systems.
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