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SoProMach Community Edition

Free Community Edition

The Community Edition of SoProMach is a fully functional version of the latest SoProMach, available for free and perpetual use. The other commercial editions are described in the products page.

Download instructions

Step 1. Read the license agreement before downloading the free Community Edition of SoProMach. By downloading one or more of the files listed below you accept the terms of the license agreement.

Step 2. Download the free SoProMach/Community edition for your platform (see details on platform availability):

Platform SoProMach package Package size
Windows® somusar_sopromach_win.tar.gz 72512 bytes
Linux® somusar_sopromach_lnx.tar.gz 392180 bytes
Mac OS® X somusar_sopromach_mac.tar.gz 78876 bytes

The package contains the latest version of the Sisendel and Tefigel processors.


After downloading ensure that the file size in bytes is exactly the same as above. Otherwise package expansion might fail. See also "Feedback and troubleshooting" below.


Step 3. Download the full set of platform-independent proof-of-concept generators:

somusar_pocs.tar.gz 214259 bytes

Installation instructions

  1. Create a new Somusar folder or directory on your computer as C:\opt\somusar (on Windows) or /opt/somusar (on Linux or Mac OS X); then create folders/directories bin and generators under the Somusar folder:
    [under Windows]
    prompt> mkdir C:\opt\somusar\bin 
    prompt> mkdir C:\opt\somusar\generators 
    [under Linux/Mac OS X]
    prompt> mkdir -p /opt/somusar/bin
    prompt> mkdir -p /opt/somusar/generators 

  2. Download the SoProMach package for your platform into the bin folder;

  3. Download the sample generators package into the generators folder;

  4. Expand the two packages into the corresponding directories using any uncompress utility such as 7-Zip, Winzip® or gunzip/tar.

Should you prefer to install the SoProMach package in a different folder, ensure that your PATH and Path variables include the directory containing the sisendel and tefigel executable files before you run the sample generators.

Running the sample generators

Under each sample generator folder run the three scripts therein contained (see description):

  • w1_prepare.bat (Windows) or
    u1_prepare (Linux, Mac OS X);

  • w2_generate.bat (Windows) or
    u2_generate (Linux, Mac OS X);

  • w3_results.bat (Windows) or
    u3_results (Linux, Mac OS X).


Read the description of each proof-of-concept generator in "Code Generation Somusar Style".

Check out a list of articles, featuring a quick introduction to Tefigel and covering integration of SoProMach with Eclipse 3 and with Visual Basic Express 2005 Beta.

Read the set of booklets, also available in printable format.

View the online slide shows.

Feedback and troubleshooting

We appreciate your feedback: send us your comments and questions.

Error messages and warnings from SoProMach are documented in the User's Guide. In case of problems, please contact us.

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