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The Harpsichord Riddle/S60

"The Harpsichord Riddle" is the first S60/Symbian smartphone adventure game published on Handango by Somusar. When playing this adventure, your decisions lead you through more than 100 scenes in the border zone that separates reality and magic. Music is the bridge connecting magic and reality, and plays an important role in this adventure: the enchanted soundtrack helps you solve this challenging enigma.

A free trial and the full version are available on the product page at Handango.

On a technical side, the software code for the free trial has been 100% generated with a new S60 generator based on Somusar/SoProMach. The same generator has also delivered 98.5% of the code for the full version of the game. The generator also produced several other project files, as required for standard S60/Symbian native C++ projects.

Figure 1 - Game
front page

Figure 1 - Game<br>front page<p>

Figure 2 - The game

Figure 2 - The game<br>mission<p>

Figure 3 - Game

Figure 3 - Game<br>scene<p>

Figure 4 - The choice
is yours

Figure 4 - The choice<br>is yours<p>

Figure 5 - Real-world

Figure 5 - Real-world<br>adventure<p>

Figure 6 - Weird

Figure 6 - Weird<br>situations<p>

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