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Generator building trial

To evaluate our Somusar/Generator Building[sm] and Somusar/Software Mold Building[sm] services, you can send us a sample of the code that you would like to generate, independently of the computer language that you use: the only requirement is that it must be in a single-byte character set, such as ASCII or ISO 8859.

We will estimate for free the best approach to generate your code, and, when feasible, provide you with a sample generator and the corresponding time-limited free license to use it for your evaluation purposes.

To submit your evaluation request, please send an email to cgbuilder@somusar.com, specifying:

  • Your title (Mr/Ms);

  • First name and last name;

  • Your organization or company;

  • City, state/province, and country;

  • Computer language(s) to generate;

  • Your preferred development platform.

Please attach your code sample files (maximum: 3 files), possibly as a single compressed file attachment. The attached sample files need not be complete source code files (significant fragments can be sufficient) and should not exceed 500 lines each.

Your personal data will be processed as stated by our privacy policy.

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