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Support service

Somusar provides two types of technical support services to its customers:
  • Bug-fixing on purchased products;

  • Support on project activities involving the Somusar/Software Production Technique[tm].

Bug fixing is provided free of charge for any purchased Workgroup or Enterprise product, as long as the reported bug can be reproduced on the corresponding reference platform.

Support for project activities involving SoProTech is provided for a fee as a consultancy service, described in the Somusar services page.

Both types of support services are generally supplied remotely as follows:

  • Support is requested by the customer by means of the appropriate support request form;

  • A support ticket - or a consultancy proposal - is issued by Somusar and sent per email to the requesting customer;

  • Depending on the type of support needed, the most appropriate support channel (email or telephone) is selected. Telephone call appointments are arranged via email.

To request support please fill in and submit the appropriate form:

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