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Somusar demos

S60/Symbian demos

Download these demo and freeware S60 applications built using Somusar's software production technology, and install them on your S60 device:

  • "Barcelona": sample travel guide with contents from Wikipedia and WikiTravel, presenting the concept of self-contained multimedia mobile guides, suitable for both online and offline (i.e., in flight mode) browsing. As a technology demonstration it shows that travellers can be provided with an easy-to-install, compact digital version of traditional guidebooks.

  • "Teddy Bears": freeware application developed as a demo for Steve Litchfield of All About Symbian. It features an interactive multimedia parade of Steve's Teddy Bears collection.

Right-click and do "Save as" to download. Check size in bytes after downloading: right-click on downloaded file and do "Properties".
- Download sample travel guide (Barcelona.SIS, 452440 bytes).
- Download Teddy Bears Parade (Teddies.SIS, 1306740 bytes).


The SIS files have been thoroughly tested on Nokia 6680 and 6630 devices. Barcelona.SIS has also been thoroughly tested on Nokia N-Gage.


Flash demos

View these Flash demos to see how Somusar generators can improve your productivity (Macromedia Flash Player 6 or higher recommended):

  • Generate Series 60 form editing applications in C++ (Read article for more information)

  • Automated serial production of mobile games in Java (Read article for more information)


  • Eclipse extended with a Java/JSP DAO Struts generator (Read article for more information)

  • Extracting metadata from Oracle (Read article for more information)

  • Extracting metadata from SQL Server (Read article for more information)

IDE integration

SoProMach can be used natively in stand-alone mode as a command-line, batch generator. But you can also extend several popular IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) with a SoProMach-based generator.

Refer to the following articles to learn how you can speed up your development activity with:

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