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Somusar/Generator Building[sm]

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Using generators, software professionals can significantly reduce the amount of repetitive manual labor involved in software development projects, especially when the target software system or application consists of a large number of software objects and code files.

Making generators is Somusar's main business: independently of the type of software that you plan to build, we can provide you with tools to build your code more efficiently and effectively (see overview).

Our Generator Building[sm] service can be applied to several types of software in virtually any computer language, such as:

  • Object-oriented classes or components in Java[tm], C#, C++;

  • Graphical user interfaces in HTML, JSP[tm], ASP, Java[tm], Visual Basic®;

  • Database management routines in SQL;

  • Business applications in COBOL, RPG, PL/SQL[tm], ABAP/4®;

  • High-level data exchange interfaces or protocols in XML and SOAP;

  • Internet site management scripts in PHP, Perl, Python;

  • Low-level APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) in C or assembler;

  • Documentation in HTML, LaTeX, OpenOffice/StarOffice, or PostScript®.

We can also make generators for a variety of other languages, including Fortran, REXX, Unix® shells, JCL, as well as package-specific proprietary languages, as long as the source files can be written in a single-byte character set, such as ASCII or ISO8859.

Somusar/Software Mold Building[sm]

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Somusar/Software Molds[tm] are one of the basic building blocks of the Somusar/Software Production Technique[tm], as briefly explained in the overview presentation about SoProTech[tm]. Each Software Mold is a code generator for one specific type of code file. Somusar/Software Molds[tm] allow software development teams to consistently generate a major part of complex multitier (or multifacet) applications, coeherently applying the concise entity definitions stored in Somusar/Software Entities[tm].

Request additional information on our Software Mold Building[sm] service.


Using SoProMach is simple, if you have already used one or more scripting languages. You can try it yourself using the free Community Edition and the technical documentation.

But if you plan to write several complex generators, then our Software Generator Building Course will help you acquire the necessary skills. Contact us for further information.


Beyond our Somusar/Software Mold Building[sm] service, our consultancy offering accomplishes the following tasks:

  • Planning, design and production of Software Entities, starting from an existing business object analysis, or from an existing database;

  • Analysis and design of multifacet, cross-tier consistent data type mappings, according to the software languages used;

  • Smooth integration of SoProMach within the existing software development process and environment.

Contact us to request additional information on our services.

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    Free trial of our custom code generator building services for practically any computer language.

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