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The Harpsichord Riddle for iPhone/iPod Touch

"The Harpsichord Riddle" is the first iPhone/iPod Touch application published on Apple's App Store by Somusar.

Unveil the right plot path of this interactive musical short story, and solve the magic harpsichord riddle that's keeping... now, you wouldn't want us to spoil the suspense of a thrilling book or movie that you'd intend to read or watch, would you? So please bear with us if we can't tell you much about this product. And if you decide to buy it, please let us know afterwards what you liked and what you didn't like about it.

Usage instructions

  • Turn the device to the left (right) for a full-screen view of the scene image (text).

  • Press the action button on the right to proceed to the next scene.

  • Shake the device to repeat the scene soundtrack tune.

  • Use the volume slider to set the soundtrack volume.

Figure 1 - The
front page

Figure 1 - The<br>front page<p>

Figure 2 - Make
your choice

Figure 2 - Make<br>your choice<p>

Figure 3 - The
musical riddle

Figure 3 - The<br>musical riddle<p>

Figure 4 - Full-screen

Figure 4 - Full-screen<br>image<p>

Figure 5 - Full-screen

Figure 5 - Full-screen<br>text<p>

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