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Squarkix[tm] is a classic-style arcade game for Apple® iOS® available on Apple's app store. Squarkix are green square tiles that appear on the screen and turn into globes when you touch them.

Figure 1 - Squarkix
home screen

Figure 1 - Squarkix<br>home screen<p>

Figure 2 - Tiles
and globes

Figure 2 - Tiles<br>and globes<p>

You score one point for each squarkix you touch. The first few levels of the game are easy: squarkix are big and slow. But each new level brings smaller, quicker squarkix: use your fingertips to touch as many squarkix as possible.

Game levels

The following pictures show different levels of the game.

Figure 3 - Level 1

Figure 3 - Level 1<p>

Figure 4 - Level 5

Figure 4 - Level 5<p>

Figure 5 - Level 9

Figure 5 - Level 9<p>

Figure 6 - Level 13

Figure 6 - Level 13<p>

The game is over when the total number of untouched squarkix exceeds the total hits. Below some pictures taken at different stages of game play on level 11.

Figure 7 - Stage 1

Figure 7 - Stage 1<p>

Figure 8 - Stage 2

Figure 8 - Stage 2<p>

Figure 9 - Stage 3

Figure 9 - Stage 3<p>

Figure 10 - Stage 4

Figure 10 - Stage 4<p>


Touching a squarkix-free area is a miss; each level allows a limited bonus number of misses, so be careful and aim well at squarkix.

Figure 11 - One miss
ends level 8

Figure 11 - One miss<br>ends level 8<p>

Figure 12 - Two misses
end level 9

Figure 12 - Two misses<br>end level 9<p>

Save and resume game play

To quit or pause press the Home button. When you restart Squarkix, touch "Play" and choose between "Resume saved game" and "New game".

Figure 13 - Resume
saved game

Figure 13 - Resume<br>saved game<p>

Score list

When the game is over and your score is high enough, the score is added to the top score list on your device: touch the name area and type in your name for the score entry.

Figure 14 - Modify

Figure 14 - Modify<br>name<p>

Figure 15 - Scorelist
name changed

Figure 15 - Scorelist<br>name changed<p>

You can also just keep the name displayed in the area.

Figure 16 - Default
scorelist name

Figure 16 - Default<br>scorelist name<p>

To view the score list touch "Score" on the home screen or when the game is over.

Figure 17 - Score list

Figure 17 - Score list<p>


At the end of each level, Squarkix lets you... relax a few seconds before starting the next level. Set your preferred pause time in the "Options" screen.

Figure 18 - Options screen

Figure 18 - Options screen<p>

You can also turn on or off the sound effects. Note by the way that you can listen to your favorite iPod music while playing Squarkix. To clear the score list, touch "Reset score". Beware: this will completely erase your score records.

Video and PDF

See Squarkix on YouTube for a sample game play.

The PDF version of this description is also available for free download (squarkix_somusar.pdf).

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